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Armenians dating outside race

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Whenever “Diwali” and “Chhath” are celebrated, Rananjay and Ruzanna visit his parents.“Diwali”, the festival of lights, is celebrated six days before “Chhath”, the worship of the sun, the main and most sacred festival in Bihar.

Any marriage can be successful or unsuccessful anywhere in the world, whether it is an Indian or an Armenian marriage.After studying German at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, he went on to complete his MBA.They had had a chance meeting back in 2009 on a social networking website.Ruzanna adds that without the support of one’s partner, it’s near impossible to survive when faced with a new set of circumstances outside one’s native country.Rananjay's parents live in Bihar state, quite a distance from Delhi.When Rananjay Anand came to Armenia for the first time in 2011, he and Ruzanna Ashughyan had already decided to get married.

Rananjay says that whatever he was trying to do in Armenia, people responded positively.

In Rananjay’s words, you have very posh buildings and five star hotels in India, but poverty is a stone’s throw away. An entire life is not enough to explore India,” he says.

You have very well organized infrastructure in India, where the rich and poor walk side by side. Whenever Rananjay Anand is in Armenia he tries to explore Armenia as well.

Once you understand each other, it’s not a problem.

We always share our difficulties and challenges,” Rananjay says.

The couple has been living in Delhi for eight months now. At their wedding in Yerevan last year, the entire tiny Indian community of Armenia was present.