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On the western side of the island there is a long, (12 kilometers) fantastic, sandy beach.Here you will find Fanø Bad, a historic holiday resort – today consisting in holiday cottages, hotels and holiday apartments.

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Digits 1-6 — The IIN / BIN The first six digits of the card number, inclusive of the MII, are called the IIN (Issuer Identification Number) or BIN (Bank Identification Number).Nearby there is a splendid golf course, the first one established in Denmark.In the Fanø dune plantation the beautiful landscape consists in meadows and small lakes.Anatomy of a Fanø Sparekasse Visa Credit Card Number While credit card number may seem like a random string of digits, they actually contain a large amount of valuable data about the card that can be used for validation and verification purposes.Digit 1 — The MII The first digit of the card is known as the MII digit, and indicates the credit card's scheme.Visit the Wadden Sea on the eastern side of Fanø, and you will find millions of migration birds.

All the Wadden Sea is a very important “touchdown”, especially for web-footed birds and wading birds.

Here you will find several marked trails for both walking and biking – it is an excellent idea to get to know this island by bike.

In the summer time Fanø has a lot of activities and arrangements to offer.

Digits 7-15 — The Account Number Digits 7-15 of the credit card number contain the Primary Account Number, or PAN, issued by the bank to uniquely identify the account holder.

These 8 digits are the most important part of the credit card number.

In Sønderho on the southern part of the island the Fanø Kunstmuseum (art museum) is also worth a visit with its permanent painting collection made by the so-called Fanø painters who formed a kind of community for artists on the island.