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With billions of searchable records in the database, covering all countries and some dating back to the turn of the last millennium, you’re bound to learn something new about your ancestry.It doesn’t hurt that My Heritage is easy to navigate and chock-full of useful features like DNA testing, a family tree builder and a custom chart designer.

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These photos come in handy later if you choose to play any of the family games on My Heritage.This isn't surprising, seeing as it has over 5 billion records in its database, which is well above average.The database includes records for every country in the world.Although some countries have more records than others do, you can at least begin researching your ancestry in areas where you might not otherwise find information.The impressive span of records isn't limited to geography either.You can also jump from family member to family member on documents like census reports.

If you need access to more records to fill in gaps in your family tree, we recommend signing up for Ancestry's service because it has the largest collection of records.

The family tree builder treats relatives as individuals rather than a large group made up of smaller groups.

This makes listing nontraditional relationships like ex-spouses, stepchildren and adopted children easier.

My Heritage is one of the best genealogy websites, giving you access to records from throughout history and the world.

It scored highly in our comparison, not only because of these records, but for its widespread community to broaden your genealogical network and understanding of your family history.

We found records dating back to the turn of the last millennium.