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Free streaming live chat

We will give you the confidence and training to live stream your services.Whether it’s to one or one million people, it’s worth it.

The credits can also be used to upgrade your member status.Live Streaming should be so easy and automated that you can train anyone in your church to help out, and we mean anyone!We like it to be as simple as turning on your camera and clicking the publish button.To get started simply fill out the form and we will be in touch. If you need more time just ask and we can extend it. This means that all pricing information is suggested amounts.We want our platform to be available to any church.Our platform automatically records and and archives your live streams so friends and family can view them instantly.

We have built in distribution so your stream can also go live on Facebook.

We setup your very own website with our built in media center.

You can even upload, categorize, accept donations, and sell videos from day one.

At any rate, the credits can then be used in various ways.

One such way is you can use them to buy gifts and send them to that special someone you're hitting on, or just send them to regular friends.

By filling out this form you are simply letting us know that you are interested in learning more about our platform.