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Mandarin dating

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It's in the heart of the Central Business District on Hong Kong island.Because of land reclamation it's not quite as close to the harbour and the Star Ferry as it used to be but it's still highly convenient for tourists, business people and locals alike.

Frequent guests speak fondly of Giovanni and Danny, on the concierge desk, but throughout the hotel – from the Cake Shop to the two-floor spa, the indoor lap pool, the fitness centre and the lavatories – there’s a sense of well-trained staff.Even if you’ve only gone in for a cup of tea, it can be a shock stepping out of this cosseted environment into Central’s maelstrom.The 501 rooms and suites have been cleverly re-designed to maximise space.Speaking to Daily Mail Australia on Sunday, Ms Wearne said she spoke to a number of residents in the community who were equally offended.'People feel excluded from their own area,' she said.'We're inclusive to these new residents, emigrants from China, and I believe new residents to this country need to be inclusive to us.' While she did not want the sign taken down, Ms Wearne called for developers to add an English version of the sign.Arise Constructions named its new development after ancient Chinese centre of educational excellence Han Ling Yuan.

The sign loosely translates to 'area of educational excellence'.

The development, which was finished two months ago, also features a large yin and yang sign in its courtyard and a traditional Chinese fish pond.

Arise Constructions spokesman John Zhang told The Daily Telegraph it was no secret the Mandarin sign was a direct pitch to Chinese buyers.

There are seven other drinking and dining outlets, all very popular with Hong Kong residents as well as visitors.

M Bar on the 25th floor has sensational views across the harbour.

Cliff Road resident Kate Chivers said: 'Every time we look up the street we are greeted with this glaring sign in Chinese.