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Single plattform Paderborn

A new station called Bielefeld-Senne was built between September and the timetable change in December 2011.

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First, the trains ran for some time via Warburg and from 1979 they ran only between Bremen and Paderborn with a stop in Hovelhof.In 1983, the operation of all express services on the Senne Railway ended.On 17 November 1964, the existing municipality of Liemke renamed itself Schloss Holte after its station.In order to make the route more attractive for cycling tourism, the line was branded as the Bahn Rad Route Teuto-Senne (Teuto-Senne railway-cycling route) from Osnabrück via Bielefeld to Paderborn.Many passengers travel with bicycles, especially on weekends in the summer.The platforms are to be renewed and brought to a uniform height of 76 centimetres.

The journey time between the two regional centres would then be reduced to 54 minutes (13 minutes less than before) and the maximum speed will be raised to 100 km/h.

In Paderborn there is a through connection via the Egge-Bahn to Holzminden.

Passengers on this route must therefore not change trains because the railcars only reverse before continuing as the Egge-Bahn service.

) is a single-track branch line from Brackwede to Paderborn with a through service to Bielefeld in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

It received its name from the Senne, a landscape that it crosses in a north-south direction.

In May 2011, the upgrading of the line began at Hövelriege station, where a new platform was built on the opposite side of a level crossing.