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Who is dating gretchen rossi

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So he was the ultimate reason I ended up doing the show. But, now, why do you continue to do the show -- given all it has led to (Internet rumors, photo leaks, tarnished relationships)? After Jeff passed away, it was definitely a form of how I expressed myself. In the process of purchasing the music publishing catalog, I had the opportunity to meet with a lot of different people within the music industry and present my ideas to them. When I heard the demo, I was like, "It’s lost something. There’s not the country twang to it that I need and want." It was one of those things where I started singing in the middle of talking to them about it and before you know it they gave me a couple of glasses of champagne and I was in front of a mic.

Despite the drama, Rossi, who grew up in La Cresenta, has had a busy social calendar. So we were lucky to snag some phone time with Rossi on a rainy Monday morning..if it took a few tries. It’s been an extremely exciting time for me because ever since it was introduced into the show, I’ve had probably over 8,000 people sign up on my site asking to get information about it.but at the same time, we all had to figure out a way to cut back and figure out a way to cut expenses.And, unfortunately, when you’re used to living a certain lifestyle.I did see it as an opportunity to build a business. There’s too much that was said; too many things that can’t be taken back. Slap me across the face eight more times and let’s see how that feels." I’m just not going to do that. Tamra [Barney] wants you to take it down, but you refuse. All those things are out in cyberspace forever and ever. There’s just some opportunities that, if I wasn’t on the show, I would never have. At the end of the day, I know who I am as a person. People are mean.” I didn't intend to use that as a transition, but let's talk about Slade. If that’s not housewife enough, I don’t know what is. And I really, truly, never expected to be in the relationship that we’re in right now. And then I was in a relationship with Jeff after that. When I was going through what I was going through with Jeff, he was one of the only people who truly cared and stayed in contact with me. I don’t have anything for him to take advantage of. He takes brands and really turns them into bigger brands. He is helping me out a lot with the empire I’m trying to build. To build some credibility within different areas I always had interest in -- the beauty and fashion world. When you say some things that you say, especially during the period of what I was going through … So as soon as she can figure out a way to get all those things taken down, then I’ll be happy to take it down. We don’t call each other and say, “Let’s go hang out and have coffee.” I never really had problems with Tamra. Do you think he's been portrayed in a bad light? Quite honestly, if there’s anybody riding on anybody’s coattails, I’m riding on Slade’s because he’s the one that has the contacts and has really, really helped propel me into getting these opportunities that I have. It’s not like I’m Angelina Jolie and making $8 million a movie while he’s sitting at home smoking a cigar. Can I ask -- just out of my own curiosity -- what exactly does Slade do now? He’s been able to bring a lot of opportunities to me. I’m just really excited because it’s getting a lot of buzz and people seem to be really excited about it. The fact of the matter is, when we have the economy that we have; when we have real estate down; when we have every single aspect of the economy being affected, everyone gets affected.

You mention the economy; this season we really see how it has affected your lifestyles. But we still see you guys living this sort of grand lifestyle. The fact of the matter is, the show has always been based on a very affluent area -- Orange County … Granted, we all might not be standing in the welfare line …

Jokes Rossi's TV frenemy Alexis Bellino to Us: "I guess she decided to buy instead of lease, which is good!

" VIDEO: Tamra Barney tells Us about her wedding — and that huge fight with Alexis!

"A guy doesn't always have to do it," the thrice-engaged star has said.

"We have a good love story," Rossi told Us last year. And though Rossi's costars tell Us they didn't let them in on her plan to propose, they support the move.

The debate (Smiley had struggled with his career and finances) ended Apr.